The Baby Boomer Culture: Won’t Fucking Retire But Won’t Shut Up About Young People Not Having Jobs Either Thanks For Bursting The Housing Bubble Too Assholes


Hey guys. Guess what? i finally hit 400 followers! yay! I’m extremely happy to present my first giveaway!


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This one girl in my class wouldn’t stop making references to MRAs and straight white boys and other silly ass SJW bullshit I’m just like “jesus fucking christ”

Real life isn’t your blog holy shit
Nobody even knew what you were talking about

I was in Pre-AP Geometry and we were doing true-false statements.

"Texas is in North America."

Almost half the class put F because they literally didn’t know that Texas was in North America.

So what's your girlfriend like?


She is complicated but amazing. Sometimes she can be hard to figure out, but after a while you get the hang of it. I spend a lot of time with her!!!

Sometimes I see other people touch her and it pisses me off but I know I’m her one and only. Always will be

Oh, and she makes the most AMAZING sounds when I bang her.

Her name is Pearl. She is a snare drum.

I am so single help me

proud owner of japanese nuts

proud owner of japanese nuts



Obsessed with Japan = weeaboo

Obsessed with Korea = koreaboo

Obsessed with China = chiaboo

Obsessed with England = teaboo

Obsessed with America = freeaboo

Obsessed with France = ouiaboo

Obsessed with New Zealand = keaboo

Obsessed with Australia = weearoo

Obsessed with Canada = weeaboot

my brother said if i picked any two colleges in the nation he’d take me to visit them and im thinking about Ohio State but you see thats dumb as fuck because I’m just crazy over some girl who could give less of a fuck and if i went to OSU i might as well have gone to UT Austin since they’re the same shit in different places

anyways where should i visit?
I’m thinking Chicago and Columbia


What did you ask her?

What she likes doing and what are her hobbies and interests. If she has a job and about her family. Also about past schools and what school she’d want to transfer to after 2 years.

still need help? lol fuk
hitler was also an infj

I’m very compatible with hitler

Unfollowed quite a bit of people and now my dash sounds less like a person whose head I’d stuff in a plastic bag because they are a waste of human space.

tl;dr yay cynicism

Can these two years go by quicker

i want a smart girl so we can mutually help destroy each other’s homework and have more time for glorious dumbfoolery