At Mount Rushmore, what do?



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VANGUARD aw yussssss

You bet your ass I love Madison Scouts.

Ayala HS 2012 - Snare Cam

WGI World Championships 2012 

UIL 3A Area E Finals Performance

Port Isabel Silver Tarpon Marching Band - Firebird
Phil Danaher Field - Calallen, Texas
27 October 2012 

One of the bands that went to state.

UIL 3A Area E Finals Performance

Crystal City HS - Angels and Demons
Phil Danaher Field - Calallen, Texas
27 October 2012 

One of the bands that was in finals with us, but unfortunately didn’t make it, like us. Still, I flipped out when I heard them play 160 BPM. Bluecoats 2010, anyone? ;D

UIL 3A Area E Finals Performance

Fredricksburg High School - Angels in the Architecture
Phil Danaher Field - Calallen, Texas
27 October 2012 

One of the bands that made it to State. I think these guys will win. Very beautiful show. My hearts out to them.

So one dream is gone.

And it sucks. It feels like shit, knowing that one class, for once in the band’s history, (Juniors) and maybe one more if we go back to 4A (Sophomores) won’t know that feeling of walking down the tunnels of the Alamodome to perform at the UIL State Marching Band Contest.

It feels worse when you’ve found out that you were off-step for 15 measures in the closer. It feels terrible when you and another snare fucked up two trumpet’s sets.

But even with all this, we put our hearts out on the field. It was what we could muster up. We cried before performance because we shared one dream, one hope. Because we were 3A now, this was the chance for us to actually take State with us. To win. Not just for us, but for the many generations behind us that went to State.

As we sat and watched the rest of the bands that night at finals, we realized they were also pretty tough. Now winning became just a hope to make it to State. And when that dream was crushed, I saw tears stream around me.

But we did our best. There is no shame in our defeat, if our spirit is not conquered. There is alot of talented people who will never be able to go to State in our band. There is no words to say how proud I was, and still am, to be part of the Mighty Brahma Band.

My goal now, is to make it up to all of them and kick ass my Junior (if we’re still 3A) or Senior (4A) year. For us freshmen, State is not gone yet.

BLUECOATS 2012 - The Boxer, Encore

Akron, Ohio.

"I am leaving, I am leaving, but the fighter still remains, lie la lieeeee…"

BLUECOATS 2012 - Bridge Over Troubled Water

Like a bridge over troubled water
I will ease your mind…