The funny part is the idea, the conspiracy, that ISIS was America’s doing- not due to the power vacuum left behind after American withdrawal but rather the belief that the CIA or other American influences are supporting ISIS- which of course, is wrong for a couple of reasons.

  • America wouldn’t support a terrorist group rising to power after spending so much time trying to create a framework for a working Iraqi government.
  • America wouldn’t support terrorists raiding Iraqi armories and obtaining military equipment given by- yes, America- for the self defense of Iraq.
  • America wouldn’t support terrorists who are winning against the moderate rebels in Syria that America supports.
  • America wouldn’t support terrorists who are in many ways legitimizing Assad’s faction in the civil war.
  • America doesn’t support IS, as shown by the public outrage over James Foley’s beheading and the bombing of IS-held Iraq.

Not sure if this was unintended or grand scheming on Assad’s part, but Assad avoided heavy conflict with the IS, concentrating his forces on the mainstream rebels (who are suffering heavily and losing public support and prestige). The IS have since grown to be the most competent fighting force in Syria, with the SAA maintaining control in their areas and the rebels quickly succumbing to continued attacks by the IS and the Syrian Army.

This leaves only two realistic factions for the West to support- Assad or the terrorists. Obviously, they’re not going to support the IS, and we can see the effects of that now. The United States is bombing IS and with incidents such as James Foley’s beheading, public opinion is sharply turning against IS.

This is all playing in Assad’s hands. The IS is the poster child of significant and definite evil- meaning Assad is gaining more supporters and criticism against him is being silenced. Assad is taking advantage of the prime position he is in to eliminate the mainstream rebels, while the thorn at his side (IS) is being engaged by the West and the Kurds.

Intentional or not, Assad has hit the sweet spot politically, and he is now in the position to reap the benefits.

remember when we were about to bomb assad in support of these guys

glad that never happened, would have been embarassing

lmao people still think the “ebola cure” being tested with the two Americans is a sign of the racism and disdain of the first world

because its totally racist and uncaring to not release an experimental cure still in testing stages- nobody knowing whether these things will work for everyone or have any side effects or save lives.

you’re not fucking medical professionals- i mean, shit, not releasing an untested “cure” to a population is basic ethics. if you don’t understand that then obviously you shouldn’t be making any comments

who’s developing that cure? who’s out there enacting proper quarantine procedures, educating the populace, and isolating variables?

p.s. There are few doses of ZMapp in existence, not to mention that a Spanish priest was also given the drug and still died 2 days after.

Why so much emphasis on Gaza whenever there’s ISIS, Syria, and Libya as well?

is us politics all just PR and pointless issues now while we continue to sideline actual problems?

a discussion i had on american politics

You get the Blue Dogs and the Rockefellers. You get the Independents and those who are feeling disenfranchised, those who feel each party is working against us.

There are much more of these people than you expect. If you can unite them through the value of pragmatic politics, having no platform but open minds willing to solve problems, then this imagined party can be much stronger than any other third party in America.

Approaches represented under this party would be determined through practical debate. Everyone adds their ideas. Ideas that work the most for the most people would be part of policy. Creating win-win situations is most important.

We can be a bearer of values grossly absent in US politics. Unity over partisanship, Practicality over trivality, Problem-solving over pointless bickering.

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ISIS is destroying monuments and artifacts left and right like they’re pinatas and there remains no opposition to them as they’re simply filling out a power vacuum.

ISIS is making their own excavations to destroy more “heretical” artifacts before actual archaeologists can get their hands on them.

ISIS is spreading out with free reign to do the horrible things that they do and there is little resistance to it.

I think this is an opportune time to re-establish Iran-US relations.

one day i wanna make a new party in a similar fashion as United Russia

a “catch-all” or “big tent” party, one without a single ideology, but rather of individuals with diverse ideas- eager to reject partisan beliefs and willing to compromise/give ground, but also contributing their own ideas in order to tout and implement the most practical solutions to the most practical problems that face us

a party for Blue Dogs and Rockefellers, for Independents wanting the support of a party, for anyone who wants solutions, for those who want to think beyond, and for those who reject the divisiveness seeping from Washington out into the American world.

a party of problem solvers.

the idea is a long shot- especially with the whole duopoly thing going on, but i really hope I can make significant changes in the political landscape during and after college

we can call it the United Party.


When will comprehensive immigration reform and foreign policy solutions stop the War on Drugs and prevent a “humanitarian crisis”?

I prefer non-interventionist solutions, but America is going to have to fix the situation in Central America while also changing the way it thinks about drugs and the border.

The “humanitarian crisis” has been caused by a situation of instability in Central America, so many take off to America- and this is where the media usually stops. What isn’t mentioned, however, is that to find safe passage to and across the border, criminals must be employed.

This creates a situation that the cartels and the “coyotes” of the US-Mexico border regions can and have taken to their advantage. This crisis creates partnerships between refugees and smugglers which can easily be exploited.

It fuels violence in the area and the laundering of money, corruption and other problems caused by people capitalizing off migrants. For example, while border agencies are occupied with illegal immigrants, criminals get free(r) reign to smuggle contraband and engage in acts that would otherwise be held in check by governmental agencies.

The path to a solution is not so simple as letting everyone in- but rather it needs to be through concise immigration reform as well as regulation and also looking at the bigger picture and creating a stable, positive situation in Central America.

Es posible si lo intentamos.

What are your thoughts?

i was born on the eleventh of november, only a few DAYS after election day so i will be unable to vote for a presidential election until i am 22

it’s pretty sad because i look at some of the people in my junior class and also in the senior class and realize

"these are the dumbasses who are going to decide who makes our national policy decisions. these guys are going to VOTE and i’d say very few of them will base their votes off substantial political research and warrantable beliefs"

Political Polarization in the American Public

With ideological consistency comes partisanship and polarization. This June study of the American public and their political alignments illustrate a political environment that is rapidly becoming more and more divisive- and such trends extend into the wider society as well.

Full Report from the Pew Research Center: [link]

Personally, I find that this is a harrowing issue. It hints that we’re not thinking independently, and supporting politics through partisan lines. We’re less likely to compromise, and more likely to hold antipathetic sentiment against those who disagree. We as a people are dividing ourselves, and it shows most prominently in the gridlock in Washington.

There needs to be change in the existing two party system or we will only see polarization get worse and have two very different extremes in the political spectrum of the United States.

Independent political thought is important, folks.

Interesting result.

Where do you fit on the American political spectrum? The Pew Research Center created this quiz and made a political test that goes beyond partisan labels- instead looking at attitudes and beliefs.

What is the Liberatarian party up to lmao