ISIS is destroying monuments and artifacts left and right like they’re pinatas and there remains no opposition to them as they’re simply filling out a power vacuum.

ISIS is making their own excavations to destroy more “heretical” artifacts before actual archaeologists can get their hands on them.

ISIS is spreading out with free reign to do the horrible things that they do and there is little resistance to it.

I think this is an opportune time to re-establish Iran-US relations.

one day i wanna make a new party in a similar fashion as United Russia

a “catch-all” or “big tent” party, one without a single ideology, but rather of individuals with diverse ideas- eager to reject partisan beliefs and willing to compromise/give ground, but also contributing their own ideas in order to tout and implement the most practical solutions to the most practical problems that face us

a party for Blue Dogs and Rockefellers, for Independents wanting the support of a party, for anyone who wants solutions, for those who want to think beyond, and for those who reject the divisiveness seeping from Washington out into the American world.

a party of problem solvers.

the idea is a long shot- especially with the whole duopoly thing going on, but i really hope I can make significant changes in the political landscape during and after college

we can call it the United Party.


When will comprehensive immigration reform and foreign policy solutions stop the War on Drugs and prevent a “humanitarian crisis”?

I prefer non-interventionist solutions, but America is going to have to fix the situation in Central America while also changing the way it thinks about drugs and the border.

The “humanitarian crisis” has been caused by a situation of instability in Central America, so many take off to America- and this is where the media usually stops. What isn’t mentioned, however, is that to find safe passage to and across the border, criminals must be employed.

This creates a situation that the cartels and the “coyotes” of the US-Mexico border regions can and have taken to their advantage. This crisis creates partnerships between refugees and smugglers which can easily be exploited.

It fuels violence in the area and the laundering of money, corruption and other problems caused by people capitalizing off migrants. For example, while border agencies are occupied with illegal immigrants, criminals get free(r) reign to smuggle contraband and engage in acts that would otherwise be held in check by governmental agencies.

The path to a solution is not so simple as letting everyone in- but rather it needs to be through concise immigration reform as well as regulation and also looking at the bigger picture and creating a stable, positive situation in Central America.

Es posible si lo intentamos.

What are your thoughts?

i was born on the eleventh of november, only a few DAYS after election day so i will be unable to vote for a presidential election until i am 22

it’s pretty sad because i look at some of the people in my junior class and also in the senior class and realize

"these are the dumbasses who are going to decide who makes our national policy decisions. these guys are going to VOTE and i’d say very few of them will base their votes off substantial political research and warrantable beliefs"

Political Polarization in the American Public

With ideological consistency comes partisanship and polarization. This June study of the American public and their political alignments illustrate a political environment that is rapidly becoming more and more divisive- and such trends extend into the wider society as well.

Full Report from the Pew Research Center: [link]

Personally, I find that this is a harrowing issue. It hints that we’re not thinking independently, and supporting politics through partisan lines. We’re less likely to compromise, and more likely to hold antipathetic sentiment against those who disagree. We as a people are dividing ourselves, and it shows most prominently in the gridlock in Washington.

There needs to be change in the existing two party system or we will only see polarization get worse and have two very different extremes in the political spectrum of the United States.

Independent political thought is important, folks.

Interesting result.

Where do you fit on the American political spectrum? The Pew Research Center created this quiz and made a political test that goes beyond partisan labels- instead looking at attitudes and beliefs.

What is the Liberatarian party up to lmao

As soon as there’s shit in the Middle East like the ISIS insurgency, America wants to stick its head in.

The power vacuum left by us leaving is just gonna come back once we leave again, so let them resolve their shit by themselves.

What we should be concerned about is withdrawing from Afghanistan. We can send a contingency of troops to Iraq with the snap of a finger when shit goes down, but there’s all these delays in bringing troops back home from Afghanistan.

Like Jon Stewart said one time- do we need to declare a war on time just so we can get these troops back ASAP?

When people at school get on tumblr, get “educated on social issues” and take it to the real world thinking they’re the greatest, most well informed activists of all time.

left: most recent test (6/17/14)
right: all tests in order from 1-6, ranging from December 2011 to now

It’s really stupid to block out people solely on the fact that they aren’t politically eye to eye with you.

Some of my best educators were registered Republicans and I respect them despite having conservative beliefs.

I could say a lot about the radical, authoritarian people on this site but I respect y’all anyways.

Stop fostering and encouraging the divisive political environment in this country. All we have are party lackeys and few who think independently.

After all, your party heads are just authoritarians interested in maintaining a status quo- the only difference is their platforms.

Striking social commentary by 8th grade me.

I remember this. We got it as an assignment in APUSH last year right before election day. We were supposed to predict who would win what states. I posted it on facebook just so people can see if I was right.

Whole classes LITERALLY copied this worksheet, Something you GUESS on. Something where you can just color any states with any color and you would have got a hundred.

I swear to fucking god this is why I hate my town. People retarded as shit.

On another note, I pretty much nailed it except for NC/West Virginia/Indiana. I think I eventually gave Florida to the Democrats so I should be right there.